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Tutorial Process Explanation

Nov. 05, 2018

Depending on the Automatic PVC Dosing Feeding Mixing System final product, it is usually necessary to add various solid or liquid additives such as heat stabilizers, lubricants, plasticizers and colorants to the PVC resin, and to make the components and resins adequate at a certain temperature. Mixing and absorbing to obtain materials with accurate ratio, uniform mixing and sufficient absorption is the prerequisite for producing high quality products. Obviously, the batching process is a phase that is time consuming, technically complex and demanding throughout the material preparation process. Therefore, in modern batching technology, a multi-component automatic weighing and metering system controlled by a computer is used without exception.

In fact, the dosing process of PVC Dosing Mixing System is to deal with the proportion of the amount of each component, therefore, the measurement of the material is the core of the ingredients. Generally, the metering methods include volumetric metering and weight metering. Among them, the weight measurement is more accurate and reliable due to the use of a high-precision weight sensor for direct metering of materials, and is widely used. According to the weighing principle, the weight measurement can be divided into three types, namely: batch-wise cumulative weighing, weight-loss weighing and continuous weighing of materials in the flow process. Among them, suitable for PVC compounding is the cumulative weighting in batches, because this way is very harmonious with the mixing mode of the mixer.

Automatic PVC Dosing Feeding Mixing System

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