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Correct Operation Method Of Mixer Hopper Dryer

Jan. 04, 2019

1. Before starting the power supply, ensure that the Mixer Hopper Dryer is installed in place, the fasteners are completely loose, and the equipment fixing foundation needs to have sufficient rigidity to ensure no resonance, no shaking, and the horizontal or vertical concentricity of the machine and the linking equipment has been corrected;

2. Ensure that the motor wiring is correct before starting the power supply. The power consumption indicators are all in accordance with the motor nameplate to prevent damage to the machine due to high pressure or undervoltage; determine the wiring mode of forward and reverse according to actual needs;

3. When starting the PVC Heating Mixer, it should be noted that the blade is not completely immersed in the liquid. It is strictly forbidden to run empty, the spindle and the blade are not corrected, the concentricity is prohibited, and the long bottom of the stirring shaft is not prohibited. This will cause danger. And equipment damage, should pay attention to;

4. If the equipment has abnormal sound, temperature rise and shaking after starting, it should be stopped immediately and then checked and processed.

Mixer Hopper Dryer

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