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Using Status Of PVC Ceiling Wall Panel Machine

Sep. 27, 2018

At present, most PVC Ceiling Wall Panel Machine are hydraulic transmission plastic extruders, and the power in the hydraulic transmission system is provided by the motor driven oil pump. During the extrusion cycle, plastic extruders require different flow rates and pressures in different processes. Flow valves and pressure valves must be used to regulate the flow and pressure required for different processes. Since the dosing pump cannot regulate the output power, Excess energy can only be consumed in the baffle, oil leakage, oil temperature rise, which aggravates the wear of various valves, causing excessive oil temperature, excessive motor noise, and shortened mechanical life. Moreover, the capacity of the designed motor is much higher than the actual need, and there is a phenomenon of “large horse-drawn car”, resulting in a large waste of electric energy. In response to this phenomenon, our company developed a PVC Marble Extruder energy-saving control system, which solved the above problems well. Received a lot of praise from the extrusion industry.

PVC Ceiling Wall Panel Machine

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