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PVC Dosing Mixing System Description

Jan. 09, 2019

1. Automatic Dosing System through the monitoring of the water quality conductivity index, the real-time opening and closing of the metering pump is controlled according to the change of the water quality index, and the conductivity value of the water system is controlled below 2000 to ensure the stable operation of the system. The equipment enters the water to install the online conductivity value detector. According to the circulating water quality standard, when the conductance value exceeds the upper limit value, the system automatically adds the medicine. When the conductivity value exceeds the lower limit value, the system stops adding the medicine.

2. The balance of the medicine tank medicine in the PVC Dosing Mixing System is controlled online, and an alarm signal is given when a low liquid level occurs. When the medicine tank is in a low liquid level, the sound and light alarm is issued on the device as a prompt.

3. On-site equipment has automatic control, on-line monitoring of conductivity value, automatic selection of medication, stop, control of sewage discharge, etc. are completed by the on-site control box.

4. Automatically monitor the PH value of the system for online control.

5. Automatically control the ORP value to achieve online control of oxidizing biocide.

6. Realize network connection and realize remote control monitoring through login URL.

Automatic Dosing System

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