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Main Classification Of PVC Wall Panel Making Machine

Oct. 10, 2018

The PVC Wall Panel Making Machine is divided into two kinds of hard and soft RPVC pipes, which are obtained by mixing PVC resin with stabilizers, lubricants and other auxiliary agents after granulation, and then extruding the powder. RPVC pipe is chemically resistant and insulative. It mainly transports various fluids and is used as wire bushings. RPVC pipe is easy to cut, welded, bonded and heated, so it is very convenient to install and use. SPVC pipe is made by adding a large amount of PVC Panel Production Line and a certain amount of stabilizer and other auxiliary agents to the PVC resin after granulation and extrusion molding. SPVC pipe has excellent chemical stability, excellent electrical insulation and good softness and colorability. This pipe is often used to replace rubber pipes for conveying liquid and corrosive media and also for cable casing and wire insulation pipes.

PVC Wall Panel Making Machine

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