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Performance Characteristics Of PVC Wall Panel Making Machine

Nov. 07, 2018

The introduction of PVC Wall Panel Making Machine will be a milestone in the home improvement industry. The integrated wall surface is used indoors in all three-dimensional spaces except the ground, and is completed in one time, which greatly shortens the home decoration time, and at the same time, saves labor costs. The performance characteristics of PVC integrated wallboard equipment are as follows:

1. Special series of wood-plastic sheet extrusion equipment, equipped with DC motor with stable output and large torque, stable performance, energy saving and high efficiency, and large extrusion output.

2, vacuum sizing table, special design cooling system to facilitate product cooling and shaping.

3, optional high-end programmable computer control, full line of intelligent.

4. The screw core cooling adopts oil constant temperature system, which automatically controls the temperature to make the material reach the optimal plasticizing state. The vacuum exhaust type screw barrel is used to fully volatilize the moisture in the material to ensure product quality.

The integrated wall completely makes the interior decoration farewell to the use of harmful materials such as paint, which makes the environmental protection concept of the home improvement truly achieve "low carbon, low emissions". This is one of the reasons why PVC Wall Panel Line is becoming more and more popular. PVC integrated wallboard equipment has many advantages, which brings greater economic benefits to PVC integrated wallboard equipment.

PVC Wall Panel Making Machine

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