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The Industry Prospect Of SRL-Z Seires Mixer Is Broad

Nov. 30, 2018

The heat source of the laboratory SRL-Z Seires Mixer is generated by steam, electric heating and self-friction heat of the mixed materials, so as to maintain good uniformity and high dispersion of the mixed materials. It is a new type of equipment with a wide range of applications. The high-speed mixer optimizes the special devices such as feeding, discharging, vacuum, heating and cooling to be more stable and convenient. Mainly used for: PVC resin mixing, coloring; Coloring and drying of polyethylene and polypropylene particles; ABS polycarbonate and other hygroscopic resin molding process before drying, phenolic resin mixing and other processes. It is one of the necessary equipment for plastic processing plants.

The Mixer Hopper Dryer is also suitable for dangerous places due to its low circular speed. Free flowing solid material is stirred in positive displacement. Cantilever shaft structure and bearing end are not in contact with materials. It greatly improves the stability of the high-speed mixer, and the clearance between the agitator and the container wall is very small, so as to prevent the material from sticking together. Standard mixing drive box to ensure stable operation and low maintenance cost. The laboratory high-speed mixing machine unit is introduced, digested and attracted from foreign advanced technology research and development, electrical control using imported components and the configuration of PLC and the latest computer control, with high automation program, good mixing effect, thermal mixing with self-friction and electric heating function.

SRL-Z Seires Mixer

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